Staff & Faculty

Pastor Chris Teis

Senior Pastor 

Pastor Teis is the Senior Pastor of Open Door Bible Baptist Church which Liberty Christian School is a ministry of. Pastor was enrolled into LCS in kindergarten and completed all his education in the school graduating from High School as part of the class of 1998. As a graduate of LCS, and now a parent of 4 of our students, his desire is to see the ministry of LCS continue to be a blessing and help to many more families from our area.

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Pastor Justin Warner

School Principal

Pastor Justin was enrolled into LCS as a 4th grade young man from Howell. He completed High School, graduating as part of the class of 1998. After completing his B.A. in Missions and Pastoral Ministries from Hyles-Anderson College, he spent nearly 10 year planting a church in Zambia, Africa where he and his wife Preetika adopted their son, Elijah. Now with a son as a student of LCS, and a passion to instill a love for Christ into the hearts of children and young people, he leads our Christian school as Principal.

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Pastor Andrew Morris

Junior High/Senior High Supervisor

Pastor Morris graduated from Solid Rock Christian School in Berlin, NJ, and went on to receive a B.A. in Pastoral Theology and Church Ministries from the Golden State Baptist College. He currently serves at Open Door as our Student Pastor & Media Director, and works part-time as a instructor in our Junior High and Senior High Learning Centers. With a passion to help teenagers reach their full potential, and as a gifted math instructor, he brings an exciting spark to LCS. Serving with his wife Kayla, and there two girls, is a joy to him, and they are currently expecting their third child in February of 2017.

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Mrs. Christina Teis

Elementary Director & Supervisor

Christina is a product of Christian education, graduating in 1996 from the Marantha Baptist Academy of Philadelphia. Growing up in Christian school has instilled in her a deep love for Christian education, and a passion to invest in the next generation. Attending both Hyles-Anderson College, and as a graduate of the Northeast Baptist School of Theology she brings a wealth of experience and excitement to our elementary department. She serves alongside of her husband, Pastor Chris Teis, our Senior Pastor, and enjoys having her 4 children as current students of LCS.

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Miss Lydia Aponte

Pre-School & Kindergarten Director

With almost two decades of experience teaching at LCS, Lydia is a parent of two graduates, and a dedicated instructor to our Pre-School and Kindergarten classes. She has a passion for helping our using students excel in phonics, reading, and writing, and is gifted in helping them to develop a tremendous foundation in education that is seen in our students’ later years.

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Mrs. Kayla Morris

School Office & Lady Eagles Sports

Kayla grew up in Florida before relocating to Georgia to finish High School. After high school she received her B.A. in Church Ministries from Golden State Baptist College, where she met her husband, Andrew. As a mother of two girls, with one baby on the way, she is passionate about investing into the next generation of Christian students, and enjoys overseeing the school office as well as coaching our Lady Eagles in Volleyball and Cheerleading.

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Elisabeth Borodin

Music Instruction & Choir

Elisabeth attended LCS when she was very young, and her parents served in the administration and instruction in the school’s early years before relocating to Indiana. Elisabeth graduated from High School, and attended Hyles-Anderson College where she received both here B.A. in Elementary Education, and here M.A. in Education & Church Ministries. She is a gifted musician and vocalist, and loves to use her gifts to instruct in piano and choir. She faithfully serves alongside of her husband, Brian, our Children’s Pastor, and is a new mother to their daughter Chloe.

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Mr. Christopher Schnebel

Grounds & Property Management

Chris grew up locally, and came to Open Door in 2011 with an amazing story of God’s mercy and grace. He has since served faithfully as the grounds and property manager of our growing facilities. He enjoys investing into the lives of the students by showing them the value of hard work and faithfulness.

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